British Prime Minister Theresa May is under fire for how she handled Donald Trump’s election win.

Mrs May is now facing rebellion by her own ministers and civil servants who are angry at her “terrible handling” of the Republican’s surprise win.

They believe her perceived inaction allowed a vacuum to form, which was then filled by UKIP interim leader Nigel Farage.

The Prime Minister is now facing criticism after President-Elect Trump broke with convention and tweeted that Mr Farage would make a great British ambassador to America.

There have now been claims that Brexit secretary David Davis has spoken regularly with Mr Farage since Mr Trump’s victory.

Senior figures in Whitehall have now accused Mrs May’s most senior aides of “failing to engage properly” with Mr Trump and his team either before or immediately after his win. It is thought that they were caught on the back foot, having expected Mr Trump’s rival Hillary Clinton to take the keys to the White House.

One source said that the approach Mrs May took was too measured, too cautious and too focused on following protocol. As a result, she is accused of failing to act quickly enough, meaning that Conservatives have now found themselves playing catch up, while Mr Farage already has the ear of the soon to be most important political leader on the planet.

The source said that because Mr Trump was not following protocol, anyone had been able to meet with him or talk with him provided they had his mobile number, before Mrs May had secured an audience with the new president.

The Whitehall source questioned: “Is this a 100 metre dash to the other end or is this a marathon or a mile race where on the second or third lap we are going to overtake people?”

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