The latest exposure of Donald Trump has left a sour taste in the mouth of the most senior elected U.S. Republican official. Recordings were released, displaying Trump’s view on women. Once Paul Ryan, the House of Representatives Speaker caught wind of this tape, he stepped away. Instead, he placed his focus on protecting the Congress’ seats. At the same time, he continued the republican nominee’s endorsement.

A tweet was sent out by the presidential candidate that suggested Ryan not his waste time in attempting to fight him. Trump made apologies for his sexist remarks that were made eleven years ago, but Hillary Clinton had doubt on how sincere his words were. Trump attempted to clean himself up, by calling the remarks he made “locker room talk”.

A month prior to United States presidential election, the groping actions were denied by Donald Trump. Yet and still, Hillary recently sent out her own tweet. She pointed out that Trump was “clearly not sorry”.

On Friday, there was a video tape released that showed Trump talking about his desire to have sex with someone else’s wife. He continued to use obscene remarks about the woman. Once this hit the fan, Paul Ryan made his exit. The devastating video took a huge bite out of Trump’s campaign. Now, members of his party are second guessing the support the candidate has received thus far.

The high-ranking Republican officeholder made it clear that it was necessary for the Republicans to maintain their control of the Congress. It puts Ryan in a difficult situation. On one side, he has the duty of upholding his standard-bearer. At the other end of the table, there is abandonment. It brings back a story in 1996. Bob Dole was a Republican nominee at the bottom of the pit, while his party focused on the down-ballot races.

Now that Paul Ryan has removed himself from the picture, it has had little to no effect on Trump. Donald Trump has continuously displayed that he is not loyal to any Republican regime, which hasn’t been a full supporter of his campaign race.

During the recent presidential election debate, questions were brought up about Donald Trump and his obscene video. The Republican candidate answered by placing the focus on Hillary’s husband, former president, Bill Clinton. Trump went on to say that Bill Clinton was “abusive to women”. After Trump’s comments were made, Hillary did not address them.