U.S District Judge Ann Donnelly has issued an emergency ruling, a stay, temporarily defying President Donald Trump’s executive orders and delaying those with refugee status among other visa types to remain in the country.

The judge has stated it prevents those caught up in the aftermath from being deported.

In related events, The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a legal case to challenge Trump’s executive orders on Saturday.  The ACLU estimates that around 200 people have been detained at airports and in transit.

Across America, thousands have been protesting against the order which was signed on Friday.

Trump’s Executive Order

Donald Trump’s executive order has temporarily stopped the U.S refugee programme.  It has also put in place a 90 day travel ban for nationals from Libya Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, and Syria.

The executive order was enacted with immediate effect.  It detained those who were in flight to the U.S even if they held valid visas and travel documents.

The judge’s ruling allowed people with valid visas and other travel documents to enter the U.S.  The emergency ruling also said there was a “substantial and irreparable injury” to those affected by the executive order.

Immigrants Rights Project’s deputy legal director, Lee Gelernt, argued the case in court and emerging from the court he was greeted by cheering crowds.

He said, “The judge, in a nutshell, saw through what the government was doing and gave us what we wanted, which was to block the Trump order and not allow the government to remove anybody who has come and is caught up in the order, nationwide.”

Temporary Stay

Although for now the refugees and others trapped at airports at the moment cannot be sent to their home countries, they are still not legally entitled to enter the U.S.  Judge Ann Donnelly’s decision does not question the constitutionality of Trump’s executive order.

For now the refugees and others are going to be held in temporary detention until a hearing which will be held next month decides their fate.