Thursday morning, police were called to a convenience store, where five people were shot by an unknown gunman that opened fire. It was reported that the gunman reacted to an argument, which left five people wounded.

The location was at a 7-Eleven in Seattle, Washington, which was nearby a busy bus stop. Robert Merner, Seattle Assistant Police Chief shared what he learned from the incident. “There was some type of argument that took place, a suspect walked away and then fired into the crowd, striking those individuals”, said Merner. There were four men and one woman wounded from the shooting, and two of the men were in serious condition. They remained in intensive care, at the Harborview medical Center. A spokeswoman shared that the status of the men had been moved up from critical. The remaining three had one man released, and the remaining man and woman moved up to satisfactory condition. Their ages varied, between 20s and 50s. The spokeswoman said that the injuries were the legs, neck, and chest.

The police closed off the street in the area and interviewed witnesses, in an attempt to identify the gunman that ran from the crime scene. The officers didn’t believe the attack had anything to do with the election debacle, which had protestors near the area. Merner says, “As far as we know, it seems to be a personal argument.” Sharon Keith, a manager at the 7-Eleven described the sounds as being firecrackers. Keith quickly told everyone in the store to get down on the ground, as she went to lock the doors of the store.

The scene, after the shooting, disturbed Keith. “How do you describe that? There were multiple people down, a lot of blood”, said Keith. She struggled to talk, as her voice continued to break up. Prior to the convenience store shooting, there was another shooting in the city that left two men wounded.