It will not have escaped your attention that Friday was a day not to be forgotten for anyone who owns a computer or whose company depends on their computer systems, for the massive cyber attack shut down many businesses across the globe and in some cases stopped many Hospitals in places such as the UK from operating as they normally do.

However, it has just been claimed that the responsibly for Fridays cyber attack belongs firmly at the door of the US National Security Agency, for it is believed to be their negligence at allowing one or more than one of their spying tools to have been compromised and stolen by hackers and then spread to other hackers online that caused this cyber attack to happen!

In total and so far we have discovered that 74 countries so far have been affected by the spread of Ransomware software that rendered many computers totally useless and caused total chaos for many companies and more worrying government departments.

It was of course Microsoft’s hugely popular Windows operating System that was comprised during these attacks and it has been suggested that the spying tools stolen from the US National Security Agency were altered to turn them into “worms” which spread from computer to computer via emails and clickable links.

Last month a group called the Shadow Broker began spreading online a range of hacking tools which they claimed they had stolen from the US National Security Agency and having any online followers many of their “associates” then set about dissecting those tools to turn them into Ransomware that locked up many computers and demanded a ransom be paid to get those computers restored.

Whilst smaller attacks of this nature are quite common place it was the sheer size of Fridays cyber attack that worried many people, for reports have been coming in all night of countries all over the world being hit by this Ransomware, some of those countries including but certainly not limited to   the US, Australia, Italy, Belgium, France, Germany and Mexico.

If it is found to be true that this attack and the malicious software did originate from the US National Security Agency then it is a huge embarrassment for the US who prides themselves on their integrity but also their ability to track and spy on many other nations, in the pursuit of security and worldwide stability.

One word of advice for anyone who has had their computer comprised is to not pay the ransom demanded, and users should turn off their computer whilst disconnecting it from the internet and then seek a computer expert to get their system fully restored and operational again.