As the UK is now hurtling towards its Brexit date, one of the questions being asked by businesses and individuals involved in the tourist industry in Great Britain is whether Brexit is going to have either a negative or positive effect on that industry.

Whilst no one really knows what a post-Brexit Britain will look like, there is no getting away from the fact that the country as a whole is divided on the likely outcome of their decision to leave the EU.

Whilst the value of GBP has fallen against the Euro and several other currencies in recent months, that can only be a good thing in regards to visitors to Britain as it will mean overseas based visitors are going to get more Pounds for their home currency.

It has been revealed that the number of visitors to the UK is rising with 2016 being another record year for tourists, and no one is really expect the number of visitors to drop once Britain does leave the EU, however what may fall is the number of people choosing to move to the UK from aboard to live.

That is, if the Conservative Party do win the up and coming General Election in the UK, for they have made it part  of their manifesto that they are going to impose some very strict restrictions in regards to the number of people who will be allowed to move into the country.

Most other political parties such as Labour and the LibDems have done the exact opposite in their respective manifestos and both argue that with Britain needing more skilled workers it would be foolish and potentially dangerous if there are limits in regards to how many people can move into the UK, especially with the National Health Service currently being seriously understaffed with trained medical professionals.

Whilst the number of tourists visiting the UK is more than likely to rise after Brexit, one thing that may actually decrease is the number of Brits who go abroad for their summer holidays, for if the Pound continues to fall in value it will cost more for the average family in the UK to have their week or two in the sun aboard.

In fact, one thing that is on the increase in Great Britain as a whole is the number of people who are choosing to stay in the UK for their holiday with many holiday resorts, camps and parks in the UK reporting a continued increase in people staying at their venues each year.

With some newspapers in the UK offering family holidays for as little as £15 per person as part of a continued promotional push to promote staycations as they are known, and with many families worried about the effects of Brexit, it should be some other European countries that are worried about a decrease in the number of Brits who will be visiting their countries and not the other way around!