When the first presidential debate came and went, it was obvious to most that who won the debate. With little to say or add to the debate, Trump was just there for the event. In the St. Louis presidential debate, it seems as if things had changed.

This time around, the opinions on who won the debate are divided. Overall, it is believed that Hillary Clinton had the upper hand. At the same time, there were columnists that questioned Clinton’s ability to effectively counter-attack Donald Trump. They believed that this opened a window for Trump to go beyond his expectations.

In this debate, there was a mood swing with Clinton. In their Long Island debate, the democratic candidate was all smiles. Some believe that the change in behaviour had to do with Trump’s performance. Trump was able to pull off a performance that surprised a large number of viewers. Fox News acknowledged the achievement of Trump, but they wouldn’t go as far as saying that he was the winner of the debate. Instead, some of their remarks said that Trump performed well and maneuvered through questions. These actions gave his presidential campaign some hope.

One political analyst believed that the debate fell into Trump’s hands. He believed that Trump was able to defend his record, which he was unable to do in their first debate. The first debate was suicide. Trump’s horrible performance was his own downfall.

Fox News believes that Trump was able to comeback at Hillary’s comments that was made in the first debate, when she made points about Alicia Machado. This time around, Trump sent a severe blow, when he spoke about the Clintons.

The Washington Post made a point that the debate displayed Trump as being increasingly isolated. Even the debate had a darker feel. This means that Clinton had her own set of weaponry. Right Turn Blog’s Jennifer Rubin stated that Hillary was on top by “simply keeping her cool”. She seemed to answer her questions well and did a good job of handling the audience. This is why Rubin says that the debate was won early on by Hillary Clinton. At the same time, she had enough material to maintain a good fight. Some of the material included Trump’s foreign policy and the story behind his tax payments.

Overall, Trump made one last attempt at keeping his campaign alive and getting a serious chance of becoming president.