As the recount process is underway in Wisconsin, turns out that it has after all not only had errors, but has as well undercounted Trump’s votes.

As a result of the current recount in the 23 provinces that votes were casted in of the 72 in Wisconsin, Hillary Clinton’s votes have been reduced by 41 votes, while Trump gaining an additional 105.


The plan is to finalize all recounts by December 13th, so as to allow the Electoral College of Wisconsin’s ballots to be eligible for when the public broadcast of the presidential elections take hold on December 19th.

Jill Stein, member of the Green Party and the catalyst behind the recount process, has paid a mere $3.5 million to get the recount procedures going.

No Issues to Report

It turns out though that unlike Michigan, the voting machines of Wisconsin didn’t prove to be anywhere near as faulty.

Stein has been criticized by many and received remarks on her campaign and been referred to as a “common criminal” just outside the Trump Tower while attending a news forum.

Apparently there have been errors that have proven to be of trivial significance in the ballot machines of Wisconsin, but it would not prove to salvage the election nonetheless and have Clinton to be president of the United State.

As of now, the recounts in the states of Michigan and Pennsylvania seem to be in a tangled state in court. On Wednesday a trial is set to take place regarding a hand-recount for administrators in Michigan.

It cannot move along unless the judge approves of it. The Court of Appeals of Michigan have demanded that administrators in line with the elections of the state to diminish Stein’s entire appeal for a reverification process, stating that she no longer has a standing verdict.




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