There are plenty of sporting events and sporting fixtures that you can place a bet on online, for every single Sportsbook I have come across has always offered their customers a huge array of betting opportunities on all up and coming sporting fixtures.

However, more and more betting sites have chosen to give their customers a range of betting opportunities in regards to the outcome of worldwide lotteries.

I have recently come across a number of betting sites that now let their customer places bets and wagers on the official Polish Lotto draw, which if you didn’t know takes place ever Tuesday, Thursday and also Saturday.

What often puts players off entering any lottery draw is that the actual chances of them picking up a cash prize are low, much more so when it comes to winning the jackpot on such draws.

However, by choosing to place a bet on for example the Polish Lotto draw you have the ability of picking out between one and five numbers, that you will be hoping do get drawn out of the lotto machine.

You will also be able to place a stake of any value you like, rather than being forced to pay the set in stone entry fee when entering a lottery draw in the standard way.

In regards to betting on the Polish Lotto, I have done a little research and have compared the odds available at all betting sites that do offer such a range of bets on that draw and will now reveal to you the best odds available, depending on how many numbers you try and predict.

If you have just one lucky number then you can place a bet of any stake for that number to be drawn out of the lotto machine, and if it does then the best odds I have come across on a single number bet are 6 to 1.

You may fancy trying to predict two numbers that will hopefully be drawn out of the lotto machines on the Polish Lotto, and if you do then if the two numbers you do select do indeed roll out of the lotto machine the payout odds you will be rewarded with are 60 to 1.

The most commonly placed bet on the Polish Lotto is a three number bet, and when you do both select three numbers and then see them being drawn out of the lotto machine the payout odds you will see your stake money being boosted by are 700 to 1!

You can also place a bet on four or five numbers too, the highest payout odds I have come across in regards to those two betting opportunities are 10,000 to 1 for a correct four number bet and 150,000 to 1 for a winning five number bet!

One important thing to keep in mind though is that some betting sites have a maximum payout associated with lotto type bets, so never place a stake so high in value that you will see any of your winnings being voided out if they are over the maximum payout limit offered by any betting site!

Published by Sara O'Connell

A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.