Walmart has usually consisted of more employees than any other type of business within the United States. They have stated that this year they plan on introducing about 10,000 additional jobs for American citizens.

Several jobs and stores have been removed recently and the past little while in the United States, and such a move would still serve as just less than a mere 1 percent of Walmart’s overall work force which is composed of about 1.5 million people.

About 68 of the Macy’s stores are said to be shutting down, which will ultimately lead to the slashing of over 10,000 jobs.

Meanwhile, 150 stores of Sears and Holdings are also said to be closing down, which as of now would result in a number of job losses that have not even been determined yet.

Happening Everywhere

Most recently as well the famous store from the 60’s The Limited have finalized the closing of all of their stores indefinitely as a result of bankruptcy. American Apparel have been rumored to probably also follow in the same path as The Limited quite soon.

Last Year Walmart had stated that they would close down about 269 of their underperforming stores around the U.S. This included 154 of their stores that consist of roughly 10,000 employees.

There’s Hope

However, to balance some of these troubling matters, famous online stores like Amazon for instance have just announced that they will introduce about 100,000 jobs for U.S. citizens, which would come at a great point for Donald Trump as soon as he is sworn in.

Meanwhile, Walmart also stated that they plan to expand their stores, or perhaps upgrade some of them, as well as relocate about 59 of their current stores.

They stated that a portion of the jobs they will be introducing will probably result from the expansion and the improvement of their e-commerce services.

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