Unfortunately a lot of airports do tend treat the flyers that pass through their venues as cash cows, and before you often step foot into an airport you are going to be hit with all manner of different fees and charges!

One of the most outrageous airport fees we have ever come across before, was over at a small airport in the UK that being Blackpool Airport. Not too long ago they charged every passenger walking through their front door an Airport Development fee, and as such if you didn’t pay the £10 entry fee to get into the airport you wouldn’t be able to get on your flight!

That fee was payable per person too, and as such if you and your family or a group of friends went on holiday and used that airport every member of your family would have had to pay £10 each!

The money was being used to revamp and do up the airport, however why on earth should passengers have to pay for something a company should be paying for! Fortunately this airport development fee didn’t take off and no other airports that we know of introduced it.

In fact, many passengers who did get stung by that fee made a vow that they would never use Blackpool Airport again, and as such it did backfire on the airport operator.

However, there is another way that is costing many plane passengers a small fortune and that is the airport parking fees and charges they have to pay when parking their cars at an airport.

Now, there are of course going to be some costs of running car parks at airports, for there is of course the maintenance of the car parks to consider, and with free shuttle busses running throughout the day or night for each car park to each of the airport terminals, an airport operator is going to have some costs involved with their car parking operations.

But the car parking fees and charges can be outrageously high, and it would appear that at busier times of the year, most noticeably during the school holidays many airport ramp up the cost of using their car parks to take advantage of the increase in volume of passengers likely to be using their car park facilities.

One major UK airport for example is Heathrow and ruing the school holidays that being between July 21 and August 28 they increase the daily rate of using their car parks by £4 a day! In fact, they also increase the price of their parking fees and charges over Easter and Christmas too!

Another major UK airport is of course Stansted and from May to September that airport also increases the daily rate for using their car parks. As such it may be beneficial for you to either look at a different ways of travelling to and from an airport, of even consider using one of the nearby car parking services that allow you to park near to the airport and offer a shuttle service to and from the airport in the price of their daily parking charges.