One of the leading campaign statements made by President-elect Donald J. Trump throughout the entire presidential race was his firm stance on building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

At some point such a statement had calmed down, but was resurrected and came back even stronger in January towards the beginning.

Mr. Trump made several claims that Mexico would be the one paying for the wall that he seeks to build, in which of course the Mexican president lashed out on him and assured him such a matter would never take place.

As a result, Mr. Trump has decided to move to an alternative method in getting the necessary funds for the controversial wall.

U.S. taxpayer money seems to be the next great means to receiving the over $25 billion necessary for the completion of the great wall.

Way Too Much

The wall has been said to stretch over a distance of 1,954 miles along the southern region of the United States.

Mr. Trump claimed that eventually later on at some point Mexico will inevitably be paying the U.S. back for his own wall, and that some type of reimbursement will eventually come to hand.

The taxpayer method comes from a law that had been introduced back in 2006 which allowed a barricade to be built that stretched to about 700 miles on the border between the U.S. and Mexico.

Not Happening Probably

According to expert architects, they have stated their own perspective on this entire matter.

According to them, this wall would serve as the next and largest project regarding U.S. infrastructure that is to take place ever since the American highway system.

Not only has Mr. Trump not even shared or disclosed any type of method into just how such a wall will be constructed, but the U.S. is currently at a debt of $19 trillion.

Such a deficit yet proceeding with the wall would greatly drain the resources of the United States.

Published by Sara O'Connell

A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.