Since the day that people knew there was a Facebook, the company has been constantly changing and getting better. At one point, the social media giant was a place to meet people in your local area and beyond. You could find lost friends and make new ones. I still remember the day that my cousin told me about the platform. He showed a lady friend that he was able to get back in touch with and I decided to get an account of my own.

As time went on, Facebook began to incorporate sharing photos and videos. Next, you had groups formed on the program. Then, they gave us video games. Next, came the ads. Some look down on the ads, but it is a lot of where people learn about new products and events. With advertising, there are metrics involved for reaching your audience. This system provides a more realistic view of who is showing interest in your ad or video. This also goes for people that are randomly uploading videos.

Facebook began with a metric that was called, “video views to 100%”. It tracks the amount of video that is watched by a viewer. The ads team for Facebook felt that it was necessary to upgrade the metric to what they call “video watches to 100%” This takes it a step further to tracking the completed audio and the completed video. It is estimated that the count of watches will increase by 35%.

Adweek spoke with the head of Facebook’s ads engineering, Mark Rabkin, who had this to say about the upgrade: “When audio and video plays on the phone, sometimes the audio track and the video track get a few milliseconds out of alignment. Then you have to make a choice. When do you count the video as finished? Is it when the audio track ends? Or, when the video track ends?”