Over in the UK, and gambling sites that wished to advertise and offer their gambling services to anyone based in Great Britain needs to apply for and then be granted a full UK Gambling Commission issued gaming license, even if they already hold a license elsewhere.

Due to the way that the British general public have warmly embraced online and mobile gaming, a huge number of companies that do operate gambling sites and offer gambling apps, including but not limited to betting sites, poker sites, bingo and casino sites have now ensured they have such licenses in place.

However, there is a fairly new agency that has been set up to protect the general public in the UK, that being the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), and amongst other things that authority ensures that anyone advertising anything in the UK does so fairly, openly and honestly.

There have however been a huge number of complaints that have been flooding into the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in regards to gambling site bonuses, and it would appear that many people have had winnings voided, bonuses cancelled and in some extreme cases have had their deposits withheld too due to those gamblers falling foul to things such as play through requirements attached to bonus offers and promotional deals!

When a bingo, poker or casino game player fist signed up to and registers as a player at most sites of that nature, they will be offered all manner of different bonus offers which they can claim and then make use off, often when they make an initial deposit.

However, every bonus and promotional offer available comes with a set of play through requirements. Play through requirements are the number of times for example a casino game player is required to play through their bonus funds until those funds are finally turned into real money credits which can then be withdrawn by that player.

It would appear however that the Competition and Markets Authority has deemed play through requirements unfair and technically illegal, for they do not allow a gambler the option of being able to withdraw their one deposited funds and any winning achieved from playing off their bonus credits at any time, as they have to keep on gambling until the bonus funds do get turned into real money credits.

As such the CMA are not going to take action against all gambling related sites that they have received complaints about, and they are also asking anyone who has had their winnings voided by any UK Gambling Commission licensed gambling site make contact with them so they will be able to make a ruling on their case!

If you have every had your bonus credits, winnings or even you deposit voided out by any type of gambling sets license din the UK, then now is the time to act, an get in touch with the Competition and Markets Authority so that they can investigate whether you are due any recompense from those gambling sites!