House Price Bubble Has to Burst?

We’re at it again. House prices are going up due to increased demand. A lack of affordable housing in the UK has triggered a rise in the value of property as more and more people are looking to have their own place, but can’t afford to get on the ladder, thus having to privately rent.

This is where things get interesting.

The reason for house prices rising is because wealthy buyers are building up portfolios of rental properties and then renting them out for yields of upwards of 14% per year.

Basically, the young, the less well off and the retired who are downsizing are forced to either buy something smaller for well above its value, or rent for more than a mortgage would cost a month. Either way, unless you’re the renter/seller of the property, no one wins.

This escalating price however is going to reach a peak, and then the entire house of cards will come tumbling down, and with it, so will the property portfolios of landlords as they can’t keep up payments of the mortgage.

The UK has a strange relationship with bricks and mortar. Your wealth is more signified by the house you live in as oppose to the money in your bank. Though the 2 do usually correlate.

With property prices going up, and the value of the GBP going down, something physically has to give to bring an equilibrium. Meaning when one plummets the other must rise.

Beware Sir. Shifty. Your daughter is going to need you.

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Only weeks into the relationship and he says he ‘loves’ her. Sorry, that is suspicious and suspect. You may not be the most popular person in the world, but that doesn’t mean to say your daughter should be punished, and for her eventual heartbreak to be splattered all over the news.

He quite simply is in this for the money. How often do you get an heiress throwing herself at you. Let’s be really shallow here. He’s hot, he’s a bad boy, probably one of the popular kids in school. She’s plain, but pretty, quite reserved and shy, educated and was probably the kid in school that wore braces and struggled to fit in with the ‘mean girls’. It’s like reading an unreleased chapter of Carrie. She goes from being the unpopular kid to suddenly having the high school heart throb. All for it to end in humiliating disaster.

Hopefully, you have your assets under lock and key and she doesn’t have access because he will bleed her dry and move onto the next wealthy woman he can find. After all, he is a criminal, and criminals will do anything to get what they want.