Yes, KFC has messed up, but it is NOT an emergency, and nor is it MP’s responsibility to sort it.

After the KFC fiasco last week, people have now started calling 999 to report that their local restaurants are closed due to ‘chickengate’. MP’s are being contacted over it, people are actually rioting in some cases.

It’s a pigging bargain bucket! If you really must have fried chicken, town centres are full of small independent shops that do fried chicken. KFC isn’t the only place in Britain that sells fried chicken, chips, coleslaw and a drink for £3.99.

Seriously, it’s worse than Christmas when the shops shut for 1 day, and people start panic buying 20 loaves of bread, just on the off chance that there actually is enough snow on Christmas day to mean they can’t get out to the shop because they’re snowed in (fat chance of that happening).

Or here’s another really good idea. Make your bloody own fried chicken you lazy slobs! There are reams and reams of recipes on the internet, from traditional fried chicken from the 40’s and 50’s to spicy chicken, buttermilk fried chicken, battered chicken, chicken burgers, chicken wings,  sticky chicken, salt and pepper chicken. And guess what, I’ve made them all and they are so simple to make, not to mention cheap. If your culinary skills are that lacking you can’t chuck a chicken leg in some batter and fry it, you should be ashamed!

Seriously, get a grip people, it’s a food chain experiencing a problem in the supply chain, not the approach of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse. You’d think Jong Un and Trump had decided to launch nukes!

If you’re that desperate for some fried chicken, go to Mc Donnalds and order Chicken Nuggets, or a Chicken Burger. If that’s not for you, there’s Nandos, or your local take out. It’s not like you have no options and are living in a third world country where dry rice is seen as a luxury.

Those idiots who have been contacting police over something so trivial should be charged and find for wasting police time and resources.

In the news today, there have been 2 murders less than a mile apart, and 3 rapes. They’re a little more important than your cravings for KFC. THAT is what police should be working on, not having to baby you because you can’t get your mits on a greasy chicken leg.

What is the world coming to when adults are in uproar because a shop is experiencing difficulty? It happens daily, especially in retail. I suggest that you all take a long hard look at yourselves and think about what your priorities are, because Fried Chicken, although tasty, is not that high up on my list I’d call the police to complain that my local joint is closed due to unforeseen circumstances. I’d simply go elsewhere, or do without.

I don’t care what people say about what I have to say, but this is ludicrous!