Mail Online has just been forced to pay a budget of approximately £150,000 to aid in the removal of a column published by Katie Hopkins of a British Muslim family that had allegedly received allegations over conspiring terrorist activities.

According to the column, it stated that the Mahmood family were Muslim extremists, and that the US authorities had taken proper action in preventing the whole family from embarking on their trip to Disneyland in Los Angeles.

The column also falsely stated that two of the brothers in the family had direct associations with the terrorist group Al-Qaeda.

An Apology After

Mail Online later had published last Sunday that stated Katie Hopkins and the rest of their team profusely apologize for such a false yet humiliating accusation, in which they have caused extreme emotional and psychological disturbance towards the Mahmood family, and it added that they seek to amend the family in any way they can, including that of the legal prices they must endure.

Within the false content of their column, it also stated that whatever reason the Mahmood family had stated as to why they want to travel to the US, it is nothing but a lie.

Mahmood Brothers Innocent

The two brothers Mohammed Zahid and Mahmood Tariq expressed their sense of relief after the false allegations towards them was later publicly announced to be inaccurate, and that the Mail had come to terms in accepting the reality of their case.

The brothers mentioned that up until now, the authorities in the US have never even submitted any reason whatsoever as to why they were ever stopped from traveling towards the United States.

They believe that it could possibly be a mix up between another suspected identity of some sort.

Nonetheless, they expressed their delight in knowing that the truth has come out, but these rather Islamophobic pieces regardless do increase anxiety and feelings of unease within anyone

Published by Sara O'Connell

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