Martin Shkreli Jailed

Martin Shkreli has been jailed for 7 years for his role in ripping off investors and manipulating the stock market for his own financial gain.

He rose to notoriety after hiking the price of a HIV drug, which saves hundreds of thousands of lives by a staggering 5000%. Although his crimes are unrelated to that scandal, his arrogant attitude not only earned him the animosity of millions, but also made the powers that be yet more determined to bring him down.

Although his arrogance was a key in his sentence, with his own lawyer saying he wanted to ‘punch him in the face’, it was the jury’s immediate opinion of him that set everything in stone. The jury, many of whom refused to be on the panel, called him a ‘Snake’ a ‘D*ck’, and many other testimonies revolving around the decision to raise the price of the drug he was selling to $700 a pill.

The thing with medication is that the more serious the illness, the more people are willing to pay, and HIV, when allowed to develop into AIDS, is a slow, long and painful death. One which will gradually eat away at your dignity, your independence and ultimately, your life, so people were willing to pay the $700 a day, whether they could afford it or not.

After being ordered to pay back over $7million in fraudulently acquired wealth, he was forced to sell possessions, acquired through his ill gotten gains on eBay. My, how deliciously evil it is to watch the fall of a man who should never have been so high up to begin with!

One of his former trustees, also painted him in a very dubious light, telling of how Martin would boast of conquests, including inter office sexual relationships with other men, and waiters in restaurants he had slept with. The man when in the dock, said it made him uncomfortable, and that Shkreli was an arrogant man throughout their entire working relationship.

Such a damning verdict wasn’t helped by his own social media posts, including offering $5000 for a single strand of Hillary Clintons hair. Then the boastful comments of his lavish lifestyle, while succeeding off the misery of others.

They say that no one is born evil, however, this smarmy, little man was certainly born with something missing, because even when trying to plead for his freedom, it was only about him, and he was only sorry that he’d been caught out, and suddenly faces financial ruin.

I shouldn’t gloat, but he deserves all that he got. Those of us that work hard for our lot in life deserve better than to be dictated to by this pasty, spineless little man who only had money and his own self preservation in mind.

Feel free to add as many explicit words as you like when describing him, but unfortunately, as children may be reading this, I’m not allowed to print the entirety of my vocabulary!