Construction of a second avenue subway line in New York had initially begun almost 45 years ago, and the plans for its opening had constantly gone from happening to not happening.

Residents of New York have long been waiting for the day to travel by subway through Manhattan’s far Upper East Side.

As of now, this opportunity has been granted, as the second avenue line’s inaugural ride had finally taken place on December 31st.

Specific dignitaries only were invited for the inaugural subway ride that had taken place an hour and a half prior to the famous New Year’s Eve ball drop that takes place in Times Square.

Happier Subway Routes

The subway proposal had first been brought up initially almost one century ago, or 98 years in exact, and the newest extension of the line is set to open up right between 63rd and 96th streets.

Morgan Perry, a delighted traveler himself, expressed his joy about the newest extension, saying “We’ve always lived near Second Avenue, and have just been waiting for this for a very long time.”

Advantages for Everyone

Individuals such as Governor Andrew Cuomo, Mayor Bill de Blasio, and Thomas Prendergast, the chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation were amongst the notables who had attended the inaugural opening ride of the new extension.

Mr. Cuomo stated that with a subway line that operates on the Eastern side of Manhattan, it would serve as a great advantage regarding the overflow and heavy pressure that is usually inflicted on the rest of the subway systems.

New York’s subway system, the largest in the United States, is said to accommodate about 5.6 million travelers daily during the week.

The new extension is said to transport about 200,000 travelers a day, which would aid in the congestion that occurs often within the subway systems of New York.

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