It is true to say that over the last decade or so, the land based bingo club market sector has been going through some very turbulent times, first there was the banning of smoking in public areas in places such as the UK and then the advent of both online and mobile bingo sites did appear to kick land based bingo clubs when they were down.

However, in the last few months it would appear that things are turning around for bingo clubs, not only in the UK but further beyond too, and that is probably down to the fact that a lot of bingo clubs and halls have been forced to shut down and close up their operations, which means those fewer players visiting such venues now have a limited choice in where to play.

A fairly new type of bingo session has recently been launched, that being rave bingo sessions, those all singing and all dancing bingo session started in Australia but have spread all over the world and it would appear they are attracting a much younger crown of bingo player who would not usually visit a bingo club!

With a mix of music and dancing and bingo games in between, these very social nights out have also proven to be a big hit with regularly bingo players too, who are not only looking for a big bingo win but are also seeking some companionship and a bit for fun too.

Many bingo clubs are also revamping their meal offerings and offering cut priced meal deals whereby a player can not only get a hearty meal but a drink or two too. In fact, some bingo clubs now offer an all in one deal whereby players get their bingo tickets and a meal and drinks too.

However, there is still a large number of players who are playing bingo from home on their home computers, and it would also appear that the number of bingo players who now use a mobile device such as a tablet or mobile/cell phone are beginning to outnumber online players.

The main advantage of course is that players when playing from home are going to be able to play without any effort and can often save a small fortune in regards to the travelling costs to and from their chosen bingo venue.

It is probably going to be a case that both player environments are going to operate side by side for some years to come, with more new players discovering the joys of a night out playing bingo and players also now able to get their bingo playing fix at home or wherever they are there will always be plenty of places they can play.