It has always been a popular game of chance however the humble game of bingo has been going through something of a makeover the last few years. For with both online and mobile bingo sites now taking on the one time leader of the industry, that being land based bingo clubs and bingo halls, each playing environment has something unique to offer.

However, the only way any bingo related company can survive is with a very steady stream of players flowing through their door or in the case of online bingo sites their cyber front doors!

Whilst one way that online and many of the mobile bingo sites and apps have been able to steal a march on land based bingo clubs is by offering their players plenty of high valued bingo bonuses, often each time they make a deposit into their bingo site accounts.

Bonuses are something that land based bingo clubs and halls are unable to give away to their customers, due to the limited amount of time those venues are holding bingo sessions, however a new way of playing bingo has recently been launched which is proving to be very popular with players, especially those players who only have a short amount of time to play bingo in any playing environment.

That new way of playing bingo is known as speed bingo, and as the name suggests, speed bingo games are played at a lightning pace of knots and often each game that is played at any site or venue holding those types of games lasts less than a minute!

It is thanks to those new types of speed bingo games that players are now falling back in love with playing bingo, and many players who haven’t played bingo for many years are now starting to do so again!

What you will however find if you much prefer playing bingo with friends and family members is that you cannot really beat the social and community atmosphere when you visit a land based bingo club or hall!

Whilst may online and mobile bingo sites do offer their own chat rooms on their bingo sites where players can fully interact with other players logged into that bingo site at the same time as them, you cannot of course have a meal or a drink with those other players via the chat room, and everyone else can of course see what you are discussing, so online and mobile bingo sites are not the places to have a good old gossip for sure!

If you have never played bingo online or via your mobile or cell phone on a bingo app then maybe you are interested in doing so, and one great way and very cot effective way you can sample out playing in those new bingo playing environments is by playing for free, as many bingo sites now offer a range of free to play in bingo rooms each of which do often offer real money prizes too!

Published by Sara O'Connell

A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.