If you are planning on paying a visit to the United Kingdom, then one aspect of walking down any town or city high street anywhere in Great Britain that will have you thinking the UK is a nation of avid sports bettors, is that there are often lots of different betting shops up and down those high streets and often in many of the streets that lead off them too!

It is not unusual to find towns in the UK with dozens of betting shops, and those are of course places where anyone over the age of 18 can wander into and place any type of sports bet on any type of sporting event that is being held in any part of the world!

However, the number of actual sports bets and wagers that are placed in most betting shops is on the decline, in fact one problem many high stake sports bettors will experience in most betting shops is that they are not going to be able to place high valued wagers on any up and coming sporting event, much more so if those sports bettors have a track record of winning!

Many betting shop owners and operators are running scared of many sport bettors who can often wipe out the profits made by any shop through a series of high valued yet winning sports bets, and as such you are unlikely to find any betting shops in which you can place a fairly substantial bet these days.

You may therefore be wondering why there are so many betting shops spread across the UK if they are not prepared to take large bets. Well, the reason why so many betting shops can be found in the UK is that each of them operates a maximum of four Fixed Odds Betting Terminals which are gaming machines on which players can play very high stake casino styled games such as Roulette and slot machines.

Due to the large profits made by those FOBT machines many people are demanding a crackdown on them as there are lots of people who have become addicted to playing them and have lost huge fortunes playing them too.

So it would appear that if you ever do wander into a UK land based betting shop then you are going to be able to place huge valued bets and wagers on their gaming machines, but are not going to be able to do so on any up and coming sporting fixtures that out may be interested in placing a bet on!

You will probably be best advised to consider placing such bets and wagers either online or via a betting app for many online and mobile betting site operators do have some much higher betting limits in place, however if you do prove to be a very profitable punter then expect to find your betting limits being lowered to some very tiny amounts!

Published by Sara O'Connell

A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.