The number of traditional bookmakers who stand in the betting ring offering what they hope are high enough odds to attract punters to place bets and wagers on the next up and coming race at any UK racecourse are sadly in decline.

That decline is of course due to many different factors, the main one being the advent of mobile betting sites and mobile betting apps. As a horse race fan can choose to visit any racecourse in the UK whenever he or she wants, they no longer have to battle their way through the crowds to find a bookmakers stand to place their bets, as they simply have to use their mobile phone instead.

One reason however why the on-course bookmakers will never die out is that the starting prices announced at the end of each race for the winners and placed finishers in each race are an average price offered by those on-course bookmakers.

However, it is usually one the bookmakers that operate betting shops across Great Britain that have the financial resources to place bookies on each racecourse, and many independent bookmakers can no longer afford to operate at such venues.

Another reason why more and more people are now placing bets and wagers on their mobile devices is that they are able to access what are known as betting exchanges, and when they do so they are not only to place bets on which horses they think will win any race at any race meeting held in the UK, but they can also back a horse to lose!

They do that by laying bets otherĀ  punters wish to place, and one of the benefit of using a betting exchange is that punters both backing horses to win or laying horses to lose can ask for or offer their own odds on each horse.

That means anyone with a mobile phone who is over the age of 18 in the UK is able to become a bookmaker themselves, and with there being no betting taxes or income taxes to be paid on winnings made from betting on horses or even gambling in general this has become a very popular way of betting.

Plus, with many betting sites and betting apps offering their customers not only welcome bonuses and free bets but plenty of ongoing promotional offers those once-course bookmakers are unable to offer anything similar to their potential customers.

However, it will be a very sad day indeed when those independent bookmakers do all vanish from the betting rings at racecourse across the UK, for that will just leave the bigger gambling companies taking their place, which could see the odds being offered becoming much lower in value due to the average odds offered on each runner being the ones that the starting prices are declared at!