There has been an on-going scandal that surrounds the Volkswagen Company, which involves diesel-emissions. But, nothing more has been said from the automotive giant.

At this year’s auto show in Paris, Matthias Muller, CEO of Volkswagen (VW) made a comment on the recent debacle, saying it is something “we currently need to cope with”. He also made mention how there have been a lot of changes within the company, over the past 12 months. Other executives for VW have dodged any attempts to speak on the subject, although sharing their apologies at auto shows and press conferences.

Wolfsburg has been dealing with diesel issues for quite some time. It has become a “no name” scandal that can cause a lot of problems. As criminal charges and fines continue to increase, the automotive company is being forced into a corner. This hasn’t prevented Volkswagen from making attempts to grow the company with new, aggressive sales strategies and new product plans.

While revealing their vehicles at the Paris auto show, the company also revealed their new tagline. “Think New.” The tagline applies to the new selection of completely electric vehicles, but it doesn’t stop there. The “Think New” also focuses on generating new ways to limit their loss in sales. This means they have enhanced the 2017 U.S. line of vehicles, which includes an updated e-Golf. The e-Golf is expected to be released next year and available in every state.

For immediate action, VW has increased their value by giving the Passat, Golf, and Jetta a lot more content, without changing or even lowering prices. One example would be their Golf hatchback. The vehicle is no longer available in two-door and four-door body styles. Now, the only option is four-door, which are priced at $20,715 (S model) and $22,415 (Wolfsburg Edition model). They both have options of a six-speed automatic or five-speed manual transmission.

The previous SEL model was priced at $28,245, but has been replaced by the Wolfsburg Edition. Although the new model is $6000 cheaper than the SEL, it has all of the extra and perks that the SEL offered. The Volkswagen has never been able to go beyond their cult following, in the U.S. market. These cultish vehicles are the GTI, the Beetle, and the TDI (which is no longer exists).  The changes are beginning to show a little more success for the brand, which was initiated by the diesel crisis.