Prince Charles has angered families by backing plans for a £4m whisky distillery which they say will spoil their views. Residents in the pretty village of Princetown say the planned three-storey building will ruin views they currently enjoy of Dartmoor.

The building is set to be built on a two acre site which is owned by the Duchy of Cornwall. As well as the distillery itself, there will be a visitor centre and shop. However, residents say that the national park already has one whisky maker, Dartmoor Whisky Company, and does not need another one.

One resident, Liz Charlton, who is a 49 year old mother of four, sid that the idea was nothing short of ridiculous. She said that there was already one distillery sitting just outside the park and she could not understand why another one was needed. She said it would be the first thing you noticed when driving towards Princetown.

Ideal conditions

However, Princetown Distillers, which is seeking to go ahead with the proposals, says it has chosen Dartmoor because of its low temperatures and high rainfall, which the company says make the area perfect for making spirits.

However, in a statement, a spokesperson for the Duchy of Cornwall said that the distillery would create jobs and bring tourists into the area. The historic town of Princetown was founded back in 1785 and was named after the then Prince of Wales. It is also known as the home to Dartmoor Prison.

The Duchy of Cornwall is one of two royal duchies in England. The eldest son of the reigning British monarch always inherits the duchy along with the title of the Duke of Cornwall. The current Duke is Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales. The row comes after it emerged that the Prince of Wales has written a Ladybird book about being environmentally friendly.


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