If you are a regular visitor to Las Vegas, then you may have noticed a brand new range of three reel slots being wheeled out onto gaming floors, many of which come packed with unusual bonus games and bonus features.

Those older styled slots have been given a new lease of life it would appear, and one online and mobile slot game designer who is about to launch a very high tech 3 reel slot is Microgaming.

That new slot is their 108 Heroes Multiplier Fortune slot that is planned to go live on all of their different gaming platforms all at the same time on Wednesday the 6th of September 2017.

To give you an idea of what it has to offer you we have put together a brief overview of it below, so please do read on to find out more about what it has to offer you as a player, as we think you may find it a very interesting slot to play!

The first thing you need to be are of is that the slot has been put together which an Oriental theme, and as such both the backdrop and the reel symbols do all depict such a theme.

Being a Microgaming slot you are also going to find when playing it all of the sound effects not only fit the theme too but they are sampled sound effects, which do somehow bring the slot to life!

What you are going to enjoy about the way this slot has been designed if you are something of a low stake slot player is that there are only 9 pay lines spread over its three reels, so you are not going to have to play for high stake amounts even when playing with all nine of those lines in live play and activated!

There are plenty of additional option settings that you can make use of, and one of them is the auto play settings on which you can configure the slot to play off as many spins automatically for you as you like and you can of course set the stake levels you will have in play when you do decide to make use of the auto play settings!

What you should find appealing about this rather fast playing three reel new slot game is that you can win some very high valued winning payouts thanks to its base game bonus feature that being a special re-spins feature game.

The way in which you will trigger that bonus game is by you first spinning in onto the three visible reel positions on the middle reel all three of the stacked wild symbols, and when you do so the slot game will then award a single re-spin.

But when that re-spins begins to play off the middle three wild multiplier symbols that you spun in to trigger that feature will be locked into position on the reels!