One of the advantages of carefully picking out just which slot machines you play is that you will often come across some progressive jackpot awarding slots that have jackpots attached to them that are quite overdue!

If you wander around a land based casinos gaming floor you will find that it is often the case with some of the Mega Bucks slot games or the Wheel of Fortune jackpot slots  which can and do go for weeks or even months and in some cases years before a player wins a life changing jackpot payout.

To save you a lot of footwork in regards to picking out just which slot machines to play today, we have had a quick look at some of the jackpot meters attached to a range of online slots and have found one that is very overdue, and as such it may be a suitable time to play that slot.

The slot in question is the Arabian Nights slot game, which is found exclusively in the gaming suite of casinos sites that use the instant play gaming platforms offered by NetEnt.

Those casinos are multi-currency casino sites and as such if doesn’t matter where you live in the world you are going to be able to sign up to those casino sites and make a deposit, play and hopefully win and then get paid out your winnings in your own home currency!

The reason why we think the Arabian Nights slot game may be worth tracking down and playing right now is that its jackpot is currently way higher in value than the amount on average it does tend to pay out to players.

When a slot machines progressive jackpot does become overdue what you usually then find is that slots of players will start to play that slot which means that the already overdue jackpot begin to grow in value even quicker which does increase the chance of one of those players winning that jackpot!

At the time of putting together and writing this news story the current value of the jackpot on the Arabian Nights slot machine stood at €2,541,580 which is of course a huge amount of cash.

However, the average amount won by players when they did hit that jackpot when playing that slot is €1,128,146 and as such it is very true to say that jackpot is now very overdue.

On average the number of days between that jackpot being won is 122 days, however the last time the jackpot was won on it was a whopping 407 days ago. If you do fancy trying your chances playing a range of different progressive jackpot slots today then make sure the NetEnt designed Arabian Night slot game is one you do try out and play!