You have to develop a very deep knowledge of the type of casino games you enjoy playing the most, if you are to avoid playing some games that offer a poor set of paybacks!

That is definitely going to be the case if you are an avid Blackjack player, for take my word for it there is a chance that two Blackjack games you could find on offer to you side by side in any casino that look the same as each other, are not going to be designed with the same house edge.

The house edge is a theoretical figure that any casino operator is expecting to win off players on each bet or wager they place on absolutely any type of casino game.

Slot machines for example tend to offer payout percentages of around 94% (but they can and do vary), and as such if you do play a slot with that payout percentage, then over the long term the casino is expected to win off players £6 for every wager they place as their house edge on such machines is 6%.

Blackjack on the other hand is a game that has a much lower house edge than most other games found in any casino, and that includes brick and mortar land based casinos and also online and mobile casino sites too.

The house edge can often be as low as 0.13%, and as such a casino is only expected to win from players, over the long term $0.13 from every $100 they wager on such games, and as such Blackjack games can be games that players can very easily win big on with some luck in playing.

Therefore, many casinos are now looking at different ways they can increase the house edge on their Blackjack games to give them higher long term profits from such games, and there are many different ways they can go about doing so.

One way is by reducing the payout players receive when they are dealt out a winning Blackjack hand, the industry standard payout for those hands is 3 to 2, however more and more casino sites and venues are reducing the payout down to 6 to 5!

Another way of increasing the house edge is by a casino increasing the number of decks of cards in the shoe, and as such it is not unheard of for some casinos to have up to 8 decks of playing cards in play in the shoe on each Blackjack game they offer.

The Dealer and Player rules can also be adjusted to give the casino a greater and higher house edge, which could be to only let players double down on certain hand combinations and also adjusting the rules in regards to whether the Dealer will stand or hit on any soft or all 17 valued hands he has dealt out to himself.

If you do intend to play Blackjack therefore in any gaming environment, always ensure you are playing those games that boast only the lowest house edge, by studying the payouts and the Blackjack playing rules on any games you choose to play.