Many gamblers are going to be instantly attracted to playing any type of casino game they come across that offers a progressive jackpot, for as long as those players play those games in the way that gives them a chance of winning those jackpots, on any single game they play off they could bag a huge and life changing jackpot in a matter of seconds.

But the odds of winning a jackpot are so high that does of course mean your actual chances of winning one of them are tiny, unless of course you make a point of only ever sitting down to play the games which do come with the very highest possible jackpots and jackpots that are overdue.

Many casino sites offer a range of games from lots of different game providers, and one company that does supply games to hundreds of online gambling sites is Playtech.

Therefore this news story is going to give you an overview of which Playtech casino games that you can play at various different online casino sites currently have jackpots that are higher in value than the average amount they tend to payout to players.

As such, if you do feel today is your lucky day and want to have the best chances of bagging a massive progressive jackpot, then I would urge you to think about playing any of the following Playtech designed progressive jackpot awarding games, due to the simple fact their jackpots are now very overdue, and may about to be won!

You should have plenty of fun and excitement if you decide to give the Frankie Dettori’s Golden 7 slot a try, and now is going to be one of the very best and optimal times to give that slot a little bit of play time.

The jackpot that can currently be won on it is a huge €533,897 and the previous jackpots won on it have been an average of €429,612, so it is of course one of their many different progressive slot machines that does have an overdue jackpot on offer on them.

The best types of slot machines to play are those that not only give you the chance of winning big but also have bonus games and/or bonus features too.

Therefore please allow me to introduce you to the Queen of the Pyramids slot, for if you give that 25 cent denomination slot some play time you have the chance of winning over €149,708 and as the average jackpot players of that slot win is just €43,486 there is a very overdue jackpot attached to that slot right now.

One additional and final bonus game awarding and progressive jackpot awarding slot form Playtech worth checking out today is the Lotto Madness slot on which the jackpot when I last checked stood at €74,298 which is much higher than its average jackpot payout which is a rather modest and much smaller €66,152, so do try and give it a some play time if you can!

Published by Sara O'Connell

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