One problem many casino resorts in Las Vegas does have to contend with is the fact that high rolling gamblers do have the choice of a plethora of different properties they can stay at and spend their money, and one casino, that being the Cosmopolitan has just undergone something of a major remodel in an attempt to get those high spending players through their front doors!

Having just spent a small fortune on several brand new penthouses which boast wrap around balconies giving stunning views of Vegas night and day, and having just opened a brand new and very exclusive gaming areas known as The Reserve, the Cosmopolitan is hoping those much sought after high rolling gamblers will consider staying at their property to not only stay in those very luxurious penthouses but also gamble in those highly exclusive gaming areas too.

The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas has taken quite a while to establish itself, for whilst the casino opened back on 2010 it was only after five full years of operation that they did actually make a quarterly profit and that was obviously in 2015!

In fact, in 2014 the property was purchased for a not too insignificant $1.73 billion by Blackstone who you may or may not know are a private equity group.

One thing the new owners have been busy doing ever since is updating and constantly changing their slot machine estate to try and ensure they have slot machines that will appeal to all players, and with around 1300 slot machines on the huge gaming floor that was probably a time consuming task.

Security is also important for the casino and their clientele and many people are worried about their own personal security and is Las Vegas safe, however another thing that this venue does boast is some state of the art security features and they do have of course their own in-house team of security personnel who look after the company’s assets and their customers too.

Some other recent changes at The Cosmopolitan include a new Sportsbook area in which sports bettors can place a bet on a myriad of different sporting events and then sit back in comfort and watch those sporting events in live play on some visually stunning curved TV screens.

Even the chairs slot machine and video poker players sit on were recently updated, and considering just how many gaming machines there are in the property that purchase would have also cost the casino a small fortune too.

If you are a higher rolling gambler or even a modest gambler then it may be time for you to discover just what else this venue has to offer you, for the casino does have its own unique Players Club that offers all level of players all of the usual extras and some additional benefits not available elsewhere, and that is something you are going to be able to check out via the recently updated Players Club Desk!

Published by Sara O'Connell

A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.