As you will be aware when you play slot machines in any type of playing environment, many of the slots on offer in the venue or site you are playing at will have some form of progressive jackpot on offer.

Many slot players will tend to play the longer established progressives slot machines as by doing so they will be able to look up the track record of each established slot in regards to when it tends to pay out its jackpot.

By knowing the average payout amount each jackpot winner wins and when on average the slot machines that do have progressive jackpots payout their jackpots they can then base their decision as to when to play each of them when the jackpot is ripe and overdue!

However, one slot machine that was launched by a company called Playtech has been available to both online and mobile slot players since it went live in 2014 is the Jackpot Giants slot and being such a new slot machine and one that tends to award its jackpot payout rarely, it could be a slot worth checking out today.

The reason we say that is that it was back in 2016 that a lucky player managed to win the jackpot when playing the mobile version of the slot and that player bagged a huge €5.89m (£4.5 million).

That jackpot however hasn’t been won since and has been steadily growing in value, so much so that when we checked the current jackpot value a few minutes ago it stood at a mind boggling €7,451,856. As such it may just be about to be won!

The Jackpot Giant slot comes with a pre-historic type of theme and as such you will find lots of unique reel symbols that depict that era and with 50 pay lines on offer you are always going to have plenty of chances of spinning in a winning combination on each base game spin you play off.

The jackpot is awarded only to plays that both are playing maximum coin and maximum pay line spins and then who manage to line up on reel number one all five of the Wild symbols.

To keep your winning chances alive you can trigger a very unique type of bonus game too when playing the Jackpot Giant slot game, and to do so you must first spin in on reels number one and five in  the game base game spin a bonus symbol.

When you do so the bonus game screen will then launch and load and upon it you will see 6 volcanoes, you are simply tasked with picking three of those volcanoes and when you do so each one will erupt and fire out a random number of coins, the more coins each volcano fires out the more you will win of course as each coin is awarded to you as the bonus game winning payout!