Many people do enjoy gambling, and whilst there are always going to be a huge array of different gambling opportunities, many people tend to play some of the easiest casino games such as Roulette.

For that game is one that can be played for some very low stake amounts but it is a game that is famed for some huge winning payouts when a player does hit a winning streak and they continually correctly predict the next number to be spun in on the Roulette wheel!

You will find quite a number of different Roulette game variants, including one of the fastest playing Roulette games that have just gone live, however what you should be demanding from any casino site you play at are Roulette games that have the very lowest built in house edges!

The house edge is a predetermined percentage of all players stakes that a casino is expected to win from them over the long term, based on the design of each casino game. You will however find that different variants of Roulette have different house edges built into them.

As a player who wants to have the maximum winning opportunities it will of course be only the very lowest house edge Roulette games you should be tracking down and playing, and with that in mind below we will give you an insight into just which Roulette games are the ones that offer players the very best pay backs and the very lowest of house edges!

There are three main Roulette game variants you will come across, the first is one game you should never play and that is American Roulette, that game has a house edge that is very high at some 5.26% due to the fact there are two zeros on the Roulette wheel!

If you only place even money paying bets on the Roulette wheels betting layout then by playing the French Roulette game the house edge you will be up against on that variant is the lowest one found anywhere at 1.35% due to a unique in play rules regarding what happens to losing even money paying bets and wagers whenever a zero is spun in.

If you place any other types of bets onto a Roulette betting layout then the very best and the lowest house edge Roulette game variant you should be tracking one and playing is the European Roulette game which has a house edge of just 2.70%!

Just make sure that no matter which Roulette games you do end up playing for reel money that out set yourself a budget and stick to it, as you will not want to get yourself in the same position as a WAG that lost a small fortune playing Roulette when she didn’t have the willpower to stop playing!

As long as you play at fully licensed and regulated casino sites you will not run into problems when playing Roulette and you will of course also always get paid out your winnings when you win at such sites quickly too!

Published by Sara O'Connell

A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.