When it comes to keeping staffing costs down low, Las Vegas based casinos have got that aspect of running their business down to a very fine art!

Sadly after the shooting in Vegas Mandalay Bay Casino had to lay off some staff, however with occupancy rates at that property now returning to around 80% it is hoped that many of the staff that were laid off will soon find themselves back in full employment.

One part of any casino that is often going to require a lot of staff is of course the gaming floor, with Casino Hosts, Slot Attendants, Slot Machine Engineers, Dealers, Croupiers, Pit Bosses and a whole host of other supporting staff required on gaming floors 24 hours a day, anything that a casino can do to lower their staffing costs is going to be quickly embraced!

As such one type of gaming machine you are going to see more and more of on many Las Vegas based casino gaming floors are electronic Blackjack games. Those are games with use computer graphics, animated Dealers and a random number generator to determine the outcome of each hand dealt out.

Whilst you may never have played such a game before, as you may prefer playing against real Dealers, if you are the type of person who does want to interact with Croupiers, Pit Bosses and even other players then those electronic Blackjack machines may be worth checking out and even playing!

One aspect to playing electronic Blackjack machines that you may appreciate is that the stake levels are going to be much lower than the life table games in most casinos.

In fact, having wandered around many Las Vegas based casinos recently I have discovered that the most commonly available minimum bet on such machines is just $3, so you will not have to spend a fortune when playing them.

In regards to comps, it is down to the casino you have chosen to play those machines at as to whether you will be able to insert your players card into them and earn comps as you play however do not expect to earn as many comps per Dollar you play through on them as you would when playing for example slot machines!

Each hand dealt out is completely random and is certified as being random, so if you are wondering whether they are simply slot machines disguised as Blackjack games that have a preset payout percentage then think again!