It is always up to you the types and categories of slot games you play when logged into one particular casino site, and it is very true to say all casinos are going to offer you lots of different slots, in fact some casinos have hundreds of them on offer.

That is certainly the case when you play at Microgaming powered casino sites, and their range of slots gets bigger each month too! One of their latest new slots is the basic looking Wacky Panda slot and it is a slot designed as a classic slot so it has just three reels and just one single pay line too.

All Microgaming classic slots except those that offer some form of bonus game or progressive jackpot have been designed multi denomination slots, so it does go without saying that the Wacky Panda slot can be played for quite a number of different stakes dependent on which coin value setting you use when playing it.

But never make the mistake of playing one or two coin spins, for the jackpots on those two staking options are 1000 coins and 2000 coins respectively, but by playing maximum bet spins you always have the chance of winning a much higher valued 3333 coin jackpot!

How you do end up choosing to play the Wacky Panda slot game is up to you, but there are some additional option settings that make give you a much more tailored type of slot playing experience, such as the auto play setting.

If at any time you want to go and do something else but still want to have this slot playing away to itself then just tap or click onto the auto play button and pick how many auto play spins you want the slot to play off for you and the stake you want to be activated on all of those spins.

Make sure that you do also checkout some of the many other classic and three reel slot games from Microgaming for when you do so you are going to find plenty of them that do give you a chance of winning a huge and enhanced jackpot when playing for maximum coin spins.

Also keep in mind the payout percentages of all Microgaming powered and designed slot games have been published so finding out which of their many different slots have the very highest of pay backs is going to be a breeze!

The only slots you cannot play for free that have been designed by Microgaming are the ones that have progressive jackpots attached and on offer on them, so as this slot doesn’t then you are always going to have the ability of putting it through its paces at no risk if you do want to test it out at no risk!

But the very best way to play it is of course for real money for by doing so all winnings you are lucky enough to spin in will be yours to keep, and when playing maximum coin spins that payout could be the whopping 3333 coins jackpot payout of course!