I do know many people like to play the odd casino game here and there, and if you are a fan of playing Blackjack games you may not be aware that there are quite a number of different variants you can play online.

As such today I want to bring to your attention a variant I recently discovered online and one that I think quite a number of players will be interested in trying out.

That Blackjack game variant in called Vegas Downtown Blackjack and as the name does suggest it has been designed to replicate the quite favourable playing rules associated with Blackjack games that are readily available in the Downtown area of Las Vegas.

One aspect of playing in that part of Las Vegas is that the playing rules and payouts do tend to be a whole lot more appealing to players with much better payouts which results in those types of games offering some very low and reasonable house edges, as opposed to the unappealing house edges found on the card and table games in casinos up on the Las Vegas Strip!

Keep in mind that any online casino sites that you do come across that do have Vegas Downtown Blackjack games on offer to their players may have slightly different rules attached to their games than are listed below, so for reference I am basing this news story and review on the single hand variant of that game you will find on offer at casino sites using the Microgaming supplied games!

The first thing you will probably be very appreciative about is that the house edge of Microgaming’s Vegas Downtown Blackjack game is very low, and when you set about playing it with the best possible strategy you will get the house edge down to a very manageable 0.39%!

The game itself when playing online uses just two decks of playing cards in the shoe, however unlike when you play Blackjack games in a brick and mortar land based casino there is no chance that you can count cards online, due to the cyber decks always being shuffled before any new game is sent into vie play!

In regards to the unique playing rules that are attached to this variant of Blackjack, the Dealer has to hit any hand that is a soft 17 or anything lower than a soft 17, and whilst insurance will be offered to players the house edge on that bet alone is huge, so it’s advisable you never take it when the Dealer offers it to you!

Players are going to be offered the chance of doubling don on any two initial cards dealt out to them and they can also double down after having split and hand too. In fact, players are permitted to split a hand up to three times and when doing so in total they can play four hands. As you can play this game online for free you should consider testing it out as you may just like it!