As a slot player you are often going to be tempted to play slot machines that offer huge jackpots, and with plenty of them being available no matter where you choose to play you will never go short in regards to potentially huge paying slots you can sit down to play.

Keeping track of the slot machine jackpots that have recently been awarded to players playing  progressive jackpot slots is one way of helping you decide which slots in that category are going to be worth not playing for a while is one good strategy you can adopt.

However, there are some slots that you can play that have been designed in such a way that you could win some huge amounts of cash even if you set about playing them for small stake levels.

Those types of slots are known as high variance slots, and whilst they are some of the riskiest slot games you can play, due to their unique design, they can often be worth playing when you have some spare funs or when you fancy playing high risk slots.

High variance slots will offer you some huge base game and often bonus game winning payouts, however to compensate for those huge potential payouts they will tend not to spin in lots of the lower valued winning payouts, so if that is something that dos appeal to you then make sure you do playing high variance slots soon rather than later!

If you do fancy giving high variance slot machines some play time then keep in mind due to the ay that have been designed they can eat up your bankroll quite quickly, however one way that you can give your bankroll a big boost in value is by claiming a depositing match bonuses at an online casino site.

When you claim for example a 100% deposit match bonus then the amount you deposit will be matched by the casino in bonus credits, so you will have double the amount of cash to play with than you deposited once the casino sites adds your bonus credits to your account.

If there is something of downside in regards to casino bonus offers such as deposit match bonuses, it is that you will be faced with having to play through your bonus credits a certain number of times before they then become real money credits.

With that in mind you should be looking for deposit match type bonuses that sees the largest percentage of your deposit matched by the casino in bonus credits bit you should also be actively hunting around for the bonuses that have the lowest play through requirements attached to them too.

If you are prepared to spend quite some time researching just which bonuses are going to be worth claiming you can get some very high valued ones with the minimum amount of risk attached to them so hunt around and then give some high variance slots a little bit of play time sooner rather than later!