Imagine the scene, you are sat in your favorite casino playing your favorite slot machine along with a friend on yours, the reels have not been spinning your way so you invite your friend to tap onto the spin button to send the reels spinning, in the hope they change your luck.

Then amazingly that spin your friend sends into live play turns out to be a huge jackpot paying spin, well you would of course be ecstatic. But imagine if the casino determined that due to your friend clicking onto the spin button that jackpot is theirs and not yours, and that supposed friend then refuses to give you the winnings!

Well sadly, that scenario has just allegedly been played out over at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino near Fort Lauderdale, for Jan Flato has claimed he was sat playing the IGT designed Double Top Dollar slot machine and decided to give his friend Marina Navarro the task of sending the reels spinning, and that is when a life changing $100,000 jackpot paying winning combination was spun in.

However, the casino, as it is always required to do when verifying a large jackpot payout, reviewed the CCTV footage, and as is was determined that Navarro was the one who sent the reels spinning and into live play then she was the person who had won, and they paid her out the winnings accordingly.

Flato has claimed that Navarro refused to give him those winnings, and a furious row has since been played out not only in person but also over social media by both parties involved!

In an official statement from the casino resort it was announced that as Navarro was the player who sent the reels spinning by being the one who had physically clicked onto the spin button they are legally obliged to pay that player out the winnings.

However, Flato claims that he was the one who had had fed the slot with banknotes to credit it and he was also using his casino player’s card too. However, once the jackpot was paid out to his “friend” by way of $50,000 in cash and $50,000 by check she simply walked off with those winnings.

This should be a cautionary tale for anyone who does enjoy playing slot machines and often plays them alongside their friends or even family members, for is the casino you are playing at is going to pay out any jackpots to the person who sent the reels spinning, you may want to reconsider inviting anyone else to tap on the spin button for you!

Being games of pure chance and as there is no skill involved what so ever in regards to playing a slot machines then any spin played off could be a losing one, or in the case above a potentially life changing jackpot paying spin. If there is a moral of this story it will be to sit playing a slot machine on your own and never let anyone else near the spin button!