With its proud and certainly unique history in regards to gambling, Las Vegas has always been a destination that anyone who does enjoy gambling will have dreamed of visiting, or may even visit regularly.

With casino resort after casino resort lining both sides of the Las Vegas Strip and with many casinos located off-strip there has always been a venue at which any avid gambler can afford to stay at and more importantly can afford to gamble at too.

However, in recent years there has been something of shift in regards to what some of the casino resorts in particular have been concentrating their marketing budgets on, and many of the customers those venues are now looking to attract are twenty something’s who never get the urge to and never want to gamble!

Massive nightclubs and remodelled sports arenas and swimming pools, gyms and dining venues are what many casino resorts are hoping will attract the much younger crowd, and that can often see their regular visitors who love nothing more than gambling being faced with some much higher costs when they do want to take a break from the gaming tables and slot machines.

In fact, having seen the bar ridiculous prices at firsthand on a recent trip to Vegas, I do have to say that those younger clientele must have some very deep pockets, and are probably the reason we are seeing more and more casinos increasing their room rates, resorts fees and many Vegas resorts are now charging people to park their cars!

I am beginning to think that us older folk are going to have to embrace these major changes in Vegas, for whilst Vegas has always been a place to party and gamble, the cost of doing so is increasing year on year as more and more visitors shy away from gambling and spend their cash on all manner of different activities.

That in turn sees the average visitor who is going there to gamble being forced to have to pay a lot more for simply staying there and doing different activities when taking a break from their usual gambling activities.

The price of alcohol has certainly sky-rocketed recently in Nevada as a whole, and in my opinion it is getting harder and harder to grab the attention of the cocktail waitresses when you are gambling as there appears to be even fewer of them walking the gaming floors!

Time will of course tell whether the rush to attract a much younger crowd to Vegas who are not inclined to spend a penny gambling is going to bear fruits for the casino resorts, however one thing is certain, and that is if you forget your core customers and times change then you are going to regret doing so!

However, as usual, later this year once again you will find me sat at the Blackjack tables in my favourite Vegas casino, which I am pleased to let you know has not yet 100% embraced a younger, more hip and trendy clientele, so I do feel quite at home!