If you are a fan of playing the Irish Lottery, what you may be totally unaware of is that there are many betting sites that are going to allow you to place a large range of unusual bets and wagers on it.

Over at the Paddy Power sportsbook for example you are going to be able to bet on around a dozen different aspects of each Irish Lottery Draw, and with that in mind I will now give you a quick insight into just what those bets are and what you can win when placing them.

If you have a personal favourite number, then you can choose that number and place a bet on it being the very first ball to roll out of the lottery machine, and if the number you select is the very first one drawn you will be paid to at odds of 40 to 1!

If you think that it is going to be way too difficult to select the first number drawn, then you may be interested in placing a bet on a range of different numbers in the hope that one of them is the very first one drawn out.

You can pick the numbers from 1 – 12, 13 – 24 or 25 – 36 and if the first number drawn falls into your chosen spread of numbers your winning payout will be worth 5/2 of the stakes you wagered, you can also bet on the first number being between 37 and 47 and the odds associated with that bet are 11/4.

Each of the 47 Irish Lottery balls in the Irish Lottery machine are one of four different colours, and you will also be able to select which colour the first ball that rolls out of the lottery machines will be.

The odds on the first ball being Green, Red or Blue are 5/2 and the odds you will get paid out at if you select Yellow as the colour of the first ball and a Yellow one does roll out of the machine are 11/4.

If you want a low risk type of bet then consider placing a bet on whether the very first ball drawn out of the machine will be an odd one or an even one, if you place a bet on either of those to betting propositions and you guess correctly the payout is 10/11.

You will also be able to place all of the above bets on the second number drawn too, however make sure you do select the first or second ball on your betting slip, to ensure the settlers know which ball you want your bet or bets placed on!