There are always going to be costs involved with visiting places such as Atlantic City and Las Vegas, with the introduction of resort fees, car parking charges and the ever increasing cost of flights to those places you can spend a small fortune before you even get there.

However, as soon as you do arrive at any land based casino you do need to become something of a savvy player, for not every game on offer to you will be giving you a fair and reasonable chance of winning!

One casino card game that is popular now as it has ever been is of course Blackjack, and with there being a fair mix of table stake limits in place on the gaming tables in many land based casinos you are bound to find at least one blackjack table with affordable table limits.

What you do need to be aware of however is that the way in which each Blackjack game variant has been designed is such that they are all going to have a house edge attached to them.

The house edge, if you have never come across that term before is the percentage of your stake money that the casino is in theory expected to win off you on each hand you play off over the long term.

Therefore what you should be looking for are the Blackjack games that have the most liberal rules and the best winning payouts but much more importantly those games that have been designed with the very lowest house edge!

One thing you should always look for when you first see a Blackjack table that you are thinking of joining is whether the payout you will be awarded with when you are dealt out an Ace and any Ten valued playing card that is unmatched by the Dealers hand is 3 to 2.

A number of land based casinos have dropped down the winning payout for a Players Blackjack Hand to 6 to 5 and that will in turn increase the house edge of those Blackjack games, and as such they should be games you never choose to play!

You also need to know just how many decks of playing cards are in the shoe of the game you choose to play, the general rule of thumb is that the more decks in the shoe the higher the house edge will become, so try and track down a single or two deck game if you can!

Also many newly launched Blackjack games may offer a range of side bets that you can play which will award some form of bonus payout when certain hand combinations have been dealt out.

Every single one of those bonus bets you can place will have their own house edges attached to them and as such as they will always be much higher than the base game house edge you should avoid playing a game which does have bonus betting opportunities on offer, or at the very least avoid placing those type of bets!