The suite of slot machines you can access and play online or on any type of mobile device does of course get bigger and bigger each month. For all online or mobile casinos game designer always ensure their respective gaming platforms are kept fresh and up to date each month with the launch of a brand new range of games.

As such if you are a lover of slot playing and do tend to pay them regularly in either of those two playing environments you will also some across plenty of brand new slot games you will never have seen before or have played before.

In regards to brand new slot games being launched soon, one that did catch our eye was the brand new Oink Country Love slot from Microgaming, for that slot game comes with a very unique type of playing structure and designed which is sure to excite quite a number of slot players for sure!

What you will find that new slot game form Microgaming does have on offer is a 45 pay line playing structure, but it is one that has been designed in such a way that those pay lines are fixed and cannot be adjusted.

As such you do have to activate all 45 pay lines before you can send the reel spinning, but to do so you will then be required to have to play for a stake level of 50 coins as opposed to 45 coins!

The coin value settings are fully adjustable and as such you will be able to play it for any stake level you are happy to play it for as long as you are playing an increment of 50 coins per spin of course.

The pay table will reveal all of the unique and quite numerous winning combinations that you can form when playing this new slot machine and there is a huge jackpot up for grabs too whenever you spin in all five of the five jackpot symbols on any activate pay line.

There are five video reels attached to the Oink Country Love slot game and there are lot of toe tapping sound effects and some rather stunning animations too, so we are more than confident if you do decide to play this new slot game you will have something of a fully rounded slot machine playing experience.

The one main bonus game that you will be hoping you trigger is a set of free spins, but to get to trigger that bonus game you need to have spun in at the very least five of the scatter symbols anywhere in view on the slot game screen.

By doing so you can then be awarded with up to a huge initial set of 80 free spins, and when you start playing them off it is possible to re-trigger the free spins bonus feature an unlimited number of times too, so with a little bit of luck when playing off that free spins bonus game you could win big in fact very big!

Published by Sara O'Connell

A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.