Anyone who has ever wandered into any casino in Las Vegas will no doubt have seen banks of progressive slot machines, and it is of course the IGT designed Wheel of Fortune series of slot machines that do tend to get the most attention from players.

One of the main attractions of those types of slot machines is that they come with lots of different staking options, so players are always going to find ones suitable to play based on their available bankroll, and when playing maximum bet spins there is always the chance they could win the life changing jackpot displayed on the progressive jackpot meter.

Well, as luck would have it one player who did sit down to play the 25 cent version of those slots the other day at the Monte Carlo Casino in Las Vegas has just won such a life changing jackpot, and whilst that player did request anonymity, what we are able to tell you the jackpot won was a whopping $725,000!

What makes that win a tad more interesting however is that it was only back on March the 3rd 2017 that another player, who once again asked to remain anonymous, won $585,000 playing at the Monte Carlo Casino, so it would seem that Lady Luck, is certainly looking after players at that casino venue!

One of the hardest decisions any player is going to have to make if they do win a huge jackpot playing the IGT Wheel of Fortune slot, or in fact any IGT slot machines life changing jackpot is whether they want to get paid their winnings in one lump sum payment, or be paid over annual instalments.

However, when opting for one lump sum payment it is reduced in size, and as such you will not get the full value of that jackpot win, unless you opt to be paid in equal annual instalments!

Whilst US players are not able to play such slot machines online, over in the UK one player did recently win and even higher valued jackpot, that players was a UK soldier who won £13.2million from a 25p stake (approximately $16,896,000 for a $0.32 stake!).

One thing any slot player is going to need to be aware of is that the odds of winning a progressive jackpot are huge, and as such there is going to be likelihood a slot player will never win such a jackpot over their entire gambling career!

However, as long as you are playing any progressive jackpot slot machine with the required stake level and playing structure activated that will give you a chance of winning such a jackpot, then you have just as much chance of winning one of those life changing jackpots as any other player.

We shall of course keep our eyes peeled for any other jackpot winner new stories and will let you know when and where those players won, and it will be interesting to see if the next Wheel of Fortune jackpot winner is playing at the Monte Carlo Casino in Las Vegas!