Part and parcel of having plenty of fun and winning opportunities when you step foot in any casino venue, anywhere in the world, is selecting the right games to play, and with many casinos now offering a plethora of different types and categories then being able to pick the exact type of games you want to play and for a stake level you can afford is relatively easy.

However, with many countries still feeling something of an economical squeeze long after the financial problems caused back in 2008, many casino game players have also had to reduce their gambling budgets too.

That has had something of a knock on effect in regards to the types of casino game players tend to play, for whilst most casinos have far more slot machines on their gaming floors than they do any other type of game that does give an indication that slot machines can be very profitable for such venues.

Today’s cash strapped yet more savvy players are now ditching slot machines and are instead choosing to play video poker machines, and there are several reasons why those games are becoming many players most sought after games.

The first thing to be aware of about video poker games is that there is an element of skill attached to them, as a player is required to select, after they have received their first five playing cards, which ones to hold and which ones to discard.

By becoming a much more strategic video poker player the actual payout percentages any such games will return to players over the long term can be increased, and unlike slot machines that can have very low long term expected payout percentages, a video poker game can offer, to a skilled player, payout percentages of well over 99.00%!

With that in mind if you are a slot player but one who is looking to get more play time and winning opportunities then maybe it is time for you to also switch over to playing video poker games, for once you do get the hang of playing them the rewards can be and will be there for the taking!

As mentioned above you do however need to know just which cards to hold as soon as the video poker game you are playing has dealt out your first five face up playing cards, and that can and will take some time.

However, what you will find available on some video poker games is a very handy little option setting which is known as an auto hold setting. If you make the very wise decision of turning on that option setting and activating it, then as soon as you have been dealt out your first five face-up playing cards the game will automatically hold the very best cards for you!

As such you are never going to make any playing errors, and will always be playing a video poker game in the most strategic way when that auto hold option stetting has been activated by you!