One thing that can prove to be hard for any Las Vegas based casino is being able to attract players through their doors, for there is of course such a large array of casinos in Las Vegas that players always do have the maximum choice in regards to whether they can play.

Whilst many casinos will offer players some form of incentive to visit a casino and start to play, it is usually via the Players Clubs players will tend to benefit more, and those benefits on offer will always be determined by just how much a player gambles when they are in any casino.

However, one way that some casinos have found they can and do attract a steady stream of new players to their properties is by offering them a free to enter slot tournament, and if you are planning on visiting Las Vegas for the very first time then it will be worth finding out just what a slot tournament is, if you have never come across them before, and how they work and operate too.

Over at the New York New York Casino we have seen a promotion in which all newly signed up member of their Players Club will be able to take part in an exclusive free to enter slot tournament, however you do need to earn a small number of points on your newly acquired Players Club Card before you will qualify for that slot tournament.

A slot tournament is simply a slot playing competition in which all entrants are giving a set number of minutes to play one of the tournament slot machines. As you are playing those slot machines any and all winning payouts you spin in are turned into points and are not paid out as cash credits.

As soon as you have run out of time you score will be noted by the casino employees and it will be the players who managed to get the highest scores that will win one of the pries on offer on that slot tournament.

Some casinos offer cash as the prizes to the highest scoring slot tournament entrants, whilst some casinos offer slot free play, and that mean you will be awarded with free play credits that you can use on any of the real money slot machines in that casino and any winnings you achieve when using up those credits are yours to keep or do with as you please.

In fact, we have seen slot tournaments at the Stratosphere Casino in which not only players who score the highest number of points win a cash prize or free play but players will win a prize if they are low scoring players too!

Published by Sara O'Connell

A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.