You will find quite a number of different roulette games online, some are standard variants, some offer bonus bets and a handful of them also give you the chance of winning a progressive jackpot.

However, it was Microgaming that launched the world’s first progressive online roulette game quite a number of years ago, and that game is still quite a popular one to play, if you do want to try and wins its every rising progressive jackpot.

That game will be offering you something not many land based Vegas casinos will be offering you, and that is a base game which has just one single zero attached to it, and as such the house edge on the base game is as low as European Roulette at some 2.70%.

But when playing the Roulette Royle game you are forced to have to place a side bet which will cost you 1.00 in the currency you are playing hat game for, and by placing that bonus side bet wager you will then have the chance of winning several different valued bonus winning payouts, the largest of which is the progressive jackpot displayed on the jackpot meter.

Currently the jackpot is around the £196,031 mark, however you can play it in any currency you like and you will then be paid out the jackpot if you win in your selected currency, but keep in mind that the average jackpot won on that game is some £387,759, but it hasn’t been won for a huge six hundred and twenty five days!

That side bet however does come with a high house edge, so it is a bet that does tend to make the casinos a lot of profit, but by placing it what you will be hoping happens is that the same number is spun in several times on the trot when you have placed that bet and if that happens then the bonus payouts will start to be awarded to you!

If you do place that side bet and the same number spins in two times on the trot, and it doesn’t matter which number that is, you will receive a bonus payout of 15.00. If on the very next spin of the roulette wheel the same number spins in a third time then the winning payout you are awarded will be an additional 200.00.

Should the same number then spin in on the very next spin too you are awarded another individual bonus payout worth some 3000.00 and you will then be hoping the same number does spin in one final time, for if it does you will then win the progressive jackpot displayed at the top of the game screen on the jackpot ticker!

However, as we have revealed to you already, the odds of you getting five of the same number spinning in on the trot are huge and that is something that hasn’t happened yet for over 625 days, so keep that in mind!