There is nothing I like more than playing slot machines, however as I am unable to play them as often as I like, there is another way I get my slot playing fix, and that is by watching other players putting their favorite slot machines through their paces!

I can often be found tuning into slot player channels on YouTube, and there is one man I do enjoy watching playing slots all over Vegas, and that is Vegas Low Roller. He posts a couple of slot play videos each week, and often has me rolling around with laughter as he shouts, screams and wills each slot machine he is playing to payout.

His latest slot play video sees him playing in what I always thought was one of the better Vegas casinos, that being the Wynn Casino and he set about playing an Aristocrat slot that being the Gold Bananza slot game.

Despite his low roller YouTube username he sets about playing that slot for a $6.00 stake, and low and behold he hits a bonus round. As he usually does he then starts his usual whoops of delight as the bonus game is playing off, however it is at that point that something unusual happens.

A security guard appears and tells him that he cannot film himself playing the slot, however Vegas Low Roller explains that he does have permission from the marketing department and advises the security man to check with his supervisor.

Alas, things then get worse for him as the security man, who must be on some form of power trip then sets about radioing for back-up and removes him from the casino! You can watch the video below.

In light of the recent events in Las Vegas, you would have thought that all casinos would be making a concerted effort to ensure their customers are happy and contented and feel safe when in their venues.

That “Vegas Strong” message does not appear however to have got through to the team in charge of security at the Wynn!

What could possibly be going through the mind of a security man wandering around a casino gaming floor that he must immediately start harassing a player, irrespective of the fact that player is putting into play some fairly high stake amounts?

I recall seeing an interview very recently on TV in which Steve Wynn proudly proclaimed he has a very high security presence discreetly working around the clock in the Wynn Casino in case of any type of terrorist incident, however it would appear that if you carry a cell phone and are innocently filming yourself playing a slot machine you are a serious risk!

In view of this scandalous episode I will not be stepping foot inside the Wynn, as every now and then I do like to film myself playing a slot machine, and I don’t walk to run the risk of being attacked, assaulted or verbally abused by one of their security team.

Sara O'Connell
A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.