One question that we do know many casino game players are going to be actively looking for the answer to is in regards to when on average online and mobile progressive jackpots get won.

By knowing when on average a slot machine that does offer a progressive jackpot awards its jackpot and just how much on average each game pays out when a jackpot is won then players can base the decision on when to play those types of huge paying casino games.

You are going to have a much better chance of winning an overdue progressive jackpot than a jackpot that may have paid out very recently and as such you can see why it is important to know when slot and other progressive jackpot games do payout on average and how much they payout too.

With that in mind below you will find listed several different progressive jackpot awarding games that have been designed and developed by a company called Microgaming, and listed will also be the average amount won by players playing each game when they hit the jackpot and also just how many days on average there are between those jackpots being won too!

On average the Mega Moolah slot games highest valued progressive jackpot that being the Mega Jackpot is won every 58 days and the average amount won by players is a huge £6,482,715.

One slot machine that did actually payout its jackpot earlier today is the King Cashalot slot and the average amount won by players of that slot is a high valued £701,150 however on average that jackpot is won every 184 days!

One slot machine that does tend to award its progressive jackpot very regularly is the Major Millions slot, and on average that jackpot is own every 16 days and its average payout amount is quite high and certainly worth winning at some £660,686!

It is not only slot games and slot machines that offer progressive jackpots for you will also find much like in a land based casino some card games do offer progressive jackpots and also several table games too.

As such do look out for the Roulette Royale game on which there is a progressive jackpot waiting to be won and one time when it will be worth playing that game is when the jackpot is higher than it average hit amount which for reference in £387,759 and on average that jackpot is won every 625 days!

Another progressive slot game which is quite a low stake one that you may be interested in playing is the Fruit Fiesta slot that slot is available as both a three reeled and video slot and both versions of the game hare the same jackpot pools. On average the jackpot is paid out when it is worth some £24,400 and the number of days between the jackpots being on is 19 days, so it is a fairly frequently won jackpot!