Reese Witherspoon Creates a Media Company for Women with AT&T

Reese Witherspoon is partnering with a joint venture, between The Chernin Group and AT&T Inc. called Otter Media. They are forming a new multimedia company, called ‘Hello Sunshine’, which focuses on sharing stories about women. Witherspoon’s role in the partnership will be her production company, called Pacific Standard. The company has produced films titled, “Gone […]

Financial Health requires Knowledge and Time

It is true that obtaining knowledge on managing your finances is key, but it is also important to devote time to managing your finances. The attitude that you have toward time will easily determine the success of managing your finances. By dwelling too much on the present, future, or past, you may possibly make decisions […]

BHS workers could wait years for pensions answers

Beleaguered former BHS workers could have to wait years until they get answers about what will happen to their pensions, say experts. The Pensions Regulator has become so fed up with waiting for former BHS owner Sir Philip Green to provide reassurance about pensions, that formal legal proceedings have now been begun. In a dramatic […]

Asda forced to apologise to customers after check-out glitch

Supermarket giant Asda has said sorry to customers after a major problem with card machines led to huge delays at the tills. Shoppers immediately took to social media to complain about having to stand in large queues as they tried to purchase their groceries. Asda has now issued an apology and said it has solved […]

Credit Card Debt Consolidation from Goldman Sachs

The financial giant, Goldman Sachs has been in business for nearly 150 years, and recently they have put their money on the average citizen. After almost two centuries of avoidance, the banker of the rich has created a new program, titled Marcus. Birthed from the founder’s name, Marcus Goldman. This service has been long awaited. […]

Volkswagen remains silent about past scandal

There has been an on-going scandal that surrounds the Volkswagen Company, which involves diesel-emissions. But, nothing more has been said from the automotive giant. At this year’s auto show in Paris, Matthias Muller, CEO of Volkswagen (VW) made a comment on the recent debacle, saying it is something “we currently need to cope with”. He […]

Mystery continues to surround pound’s ‘flash crash’

There was fresh misery for holidaymakers as the pound crashed by 8%, with analysts still struggling to explain the sudden drop. While most of Europe was still asleep, the pound suddenly dropped against the dollar. The pound had been struggling following Prime Minister Theresa May’s announcement that she would be triggering article 50 by March […]