Finland Becomes First Country to Get Rid of School Subjects by 2020

Finland becomes the first country in the world to get rid of all school subjects and take on phenomenon-based learning by the year 2020. The teaching style will also become more holistic and cooperation-based rather than a traditional teacher-centered way of teaching. Many students in this day and age often wonder if they will ever […]

Donald Trump and America’s Education

The voucher program, one of the nation’s greatest and snappiest creating, serves more than 32,000 children and gives an early take a gander at what preparing methodology could look like in Donald Trump’s organization. Trump has hailed that he intends to purge billions of government dollars into attempts to augment vouchers and endorse schools the […]

Financial Health requires Knowledge and Time

It is true that obtaining knowledge on managing your finances is key, but it is also important to devote time to managing your finances. The attitude that you have toward time will easily determine the success of managing your finances. By dwelling too much on the present, future, or past, you may possibly make decisions […]

No Agreement in Teachers’ Union

Approaching midnight on Monday, the Chicago Board of Education’s negotiators were still trying to work out an agreement with the teacher’s union and their new contract. The strike’s deadline is midnight. One source called the negotiating, two parties going over “nitty-gritty” details. A 10 p.m. news conference was scheduled by the Chicago Teachers Union, while […]