Rapper T.I. Argues Floyd Mayweather’s ‘All Lives Matter’ View

The rhetoric about “all lives matter” has been weak in helping the many police killings being reported. When a celebrity attempts to make the comment, it seems as matters are worst. There is a large group of people that use the saying, in response to the police-black civilian problem in the country. There have been […]

Amazon Shoppers Prepare for Amazon Music Unlimited

After constant rumors about the launch for streaming music, Amazon confirmed the rumors with its recent announcement. The service that the online media giant is now offering is called Amazon Music Unlimited. The on-demand music streaming services allow users to listen to millions upon millions of songs, at a reasonable price ($7.99/month). This $7.99 monthly […]

Glastonbury tickets sell out in less than an hour

Tickets for Glastonbury festival have sold out in just 50 minutes, with 2,700 tickets selling every minute, even though the line-up is still to be announced. Fans who missed out now say they’re considering setting up their own bands and trying to get into the iconic event that way. Tickets for this year’s Glastonbury were […]

Will Birth of a Nation be a Nominee?

The controversial new movie is struggling to achieve its honors at the next annual Oscars. Before its release, the slavery film’s chances of winning best picture were 11-to-1. According to GoldDerby.com, the movie’s odds are right around 22-to-1, after the first weekend of Birth of a Nation. The potential winners’ list on the popular website […]

Online Media is sued by Kardashian

For the first time, Kim Kardashian-West’s robbery has been publicly addressed by the Kardashian-Jenner family. After feeling wrongly treated and portrayed as being a thief and a liar, Kim Kardashian filed a lawsuit against an online media outlet. This lawsuit follows an incident in Paris that happen last week, where Kardashian was robbed of her […]

Disney World shuts its gates as Hurricane Matthew closes in

Disney World has shut for the first time in more than a decade amid widespread fear as Hurricane Matthew continues on its path of devastation towards Florida. President Obama has declared a state of emergency in Florida as Matthew is expected to hit with a storm force of 4. The death toll caused by Hurricane […]